Where are the Migrants now? Most are arriving in Mexico City

November 5:This is a good, raw non-partisan conversation with several of the migrants who just made it to Mexico City.

click for Migrant Caravan update 11/5

More info and pics at www.flyingintothesun.us

Map of Mexico-The migrant caravan has switched to my return route for the weed runs.

Across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and up through Veracruz

Click for My Route Map of Mexico

Flying Into the Sun - The Book

Almost three years in the making, the real adventures of two young surfers who allegedly become narcotraficantes internacionales in Mexico will be available on Amazon in print and ebook November 14.

Early Responses


“Tourists in Mexico are warned not to drive at night. Cows, burros, dead animals or broken-down cars might be just around the bend—even bandidos. Tonight, the danger is crazed, drug-running gringos flying down the mountain, blowing past anything threatening their rhythm.”

~Flying Into the Sun

“This is fantastic!! It's going to be BIG! I see a movie!” 

~Chris Cantara, pilot & owner of Seaside Aviation, LLC 

“So many great parts in the book. Magical Mystery Tour down the mountain was excellent. The book reveals a Mexico that tourists never see.”

~Eric Knight, semi-pro surfer

“F****** awesome!!!!!!!!!!!” 

~Dave Bicknell, guitarist and software engineer

“I think it's great. You are a very accomplished storyteller. As a US expat living in Mexico I found the Mexican details to be quite accurate.”

~Tom Bailey, retired expat living in Yucatan, Mexico

In the future, I would like to post other peoples stories about Mexico and Smuggling on this site.

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